Hi, I'm Lauren. Nice to meet you.

adventuring on oahu

adventuring on oahu


It all started when...

I realized that I wanted to tell stories about health and people. Health care is a complex thing, but ultimately it's about people.

I earned my master's degree in health and medical journalism in May 2017, and I currently serve as the research communication coordinator for UGA's College of Public Health where I have the opportunity to write about a range of health research. Depending on the day I could be writing about TB and HIV prevention in Africa, obesity prevention in rural Georgia, the cognition of healthy aging or the impact of environmental toxins on the body. Perfect for a health nerd like me. 

I continue to write a local foods column where I cover the intersection of farming, culture and nutrition in Athens, Georgia. I am also a lead producer for a local audio storytelling group, Radio Athenia where I explore the corners of our community that make it weird and wonderful.

When I'm not writing, shooting or recording audio, I'm usually cooking, playing ultimate frisbee, or hanging out with my husband, Evan, and our cat.